Benefits of a ProBar Liquor Dispensing System

"There just is not a better system on the market!"
  • Bottom Line Benefit
    Liquor Dispensing Station Benefit - ProBar Systems Inc
  • Profit

    Increased Sales

    • Full accountability for all products poured, everything else is counted
    • Speed – Faster drink dispensing means more drinks sold.
    • Sales are increased by 23.0% (average result from existing installations)
    • Controls and portions your pop and juice

    Increased Productivity

    • Every drink is priced when poured, eliminating double entry time.
    • More value for your labor dollar
    • Management time is better utilized for revenue producing activities

    Decreased product costs

    • Eliminates waste as inverted bottles empty completely
    • Eliminates unauthorized ‘freebies’, authorized comps are accounted for
    • Costs are decreased by 12.5% (average result from existing installations)
    • Buy any size liquor bottle, plastic or glass, and save

    Decreased maintenance costs

    • No pourers to clean or replace
    • No seals to buy

    Decreased operational costs

    • No need for a separate POS system in many operations
  • Satisfaction

    Increased Customer Satisfaction

    • The quality is consistent, drink after drink
    • Drink recipes are custom designed or created on the fly
    • Unlimited cocktail selection
    • Reduced wait time for the next round

    Increased Owner Satisfaction

    • Decide on Your Profit Margin in advance
    • The profit is consistent, drink after drink
  • Financial Efficiency

    Positive Cash Flow

    • Additional cash flow is created from newly generated revenues
    • Additional cash flow is created from cost savings
    • The cash flow generated by the use of new equipment can pay the lease payments
    • The cash flow typically exceeds the lease payment on a monthly basis
    • Average Return On Investment is 10 months
  • Peace of Mind

    There is nothing worse than false confidence. Our system does not allow anyone to pour free drinks, even management. Every drink, including comps, are accounted for properly.

    • You are always in control
    • The system runs on a very stable XP Platform
    • You have Remote Software Support, wherever you are
    • Silent partners are eliminated
    • 100% confidence behind the bar

    There are systems on the market that utilize a pourer and an activator coil called a ‘donut’. These systems require a significant amount of management time to prepare and maintain stock. The users of these systems must prepare, secure, distribute, reclaim, clean and test each pourer repeatedly as bottles are assigned to the bars and returned. The bottles returned are never completely empty. Many bars employ a person whose only function is to constantly replenish the bar. These bottle ID pourers are not tamper proof and can be easily defeated. Your shots, your bottles and your pop & juice are all susceptible to theft when you have this type of system.

    These systems lead you to believe that you are protected when really you are not.

    The only safe inventory is that which is under lock & key.

    Our bar owners are confident that their inventory is safe under lock and key and they are not being stolen from in their bar where the price of their product is sold for 100 to 350 times (or more) the price that we unhappily pay for gasoline.

    When was the last time you pumped gas without a metering device?

    Was the cashier allowed to ‘make up’ the price that you had to pay for your gas?

    How much do you think his friends & family would be paying for gas?