ProBar Portable Cocktail Bar

The ProBar Portable Cocktail Bar combines the latest liquor dispensingtechnology with portability, up to date electronics and optional wireless network communication.

  • The ProBar Portable Cocktail Bar can dispense up to 21 brands of liquor, 3 flavours of soft drinks, water and soda plus 4 flavours of juice.
  • The system portions and prices the drinks as it pours them.
  • The Bottle Rack has 22 bottle positions.
  • The automatic low level sensing notifies the operator when a brand is running low.
  • Comes with dimmable bottle display lights and lockable sliding windows.

The ProBar Portable Cocktail Bar comes with:

  • an ice bin
  • water tank with low water level sensor
  • waste tank
  • (BIB) post mix juice system
  • (BIB) post mix pop system
  • carbonator
  • co2 tank
  • touch screen electronics and liquor dispensing system