ProBar Home Cocktail Bar

The ProBar Home Cocktail Bar is the missing link for YOUR ultimate home bar:

  • The ProBar Home Cocktail Bar is the newest Computerbar manufactured by ProBar Systems and designed especially for home use.
  • The system can dispense 16 products in any combination of liquor, wine, water and juices and in any portion size.
  • Program your Own Drink Recipes with Helpful Preparation Instructions and add Visual Cues for Glassware Selection
  • The Cocktail recipe selection can be created in advance or added to on the fly.
  • The ProBar Home Martini Bar is completely self-contained and mobile.

The ProBar Home Cocktail Bar comes with:

  • Everything You Need to Entertain with Ease
  • High-end Glass Touchscreen
  • Extremely Reliable State of the Art Electronics
  • Polished Stainless Steel Platform
  • ‘CoolBlue’ Illumination While Pouring
  • Built in Dimmable Bottle Display Lighting
  • Optional Lockable Sliding Windows
  • Built in Internet support