Upgrade to ProBar
  • Completed Upgrades
  • Upgrade your system

UPGRADE your existing dispensing system to the latest in electronics. AddTouch Screen driven Dispensing Technology without the cost of replacing your dispensing hardware

  • REDUCE your costs.
  • REUSE : Pour Head, Solenoid Valves, Pumps, Bottle Storage Racks & Tubing.
  • REPLACE all Old electronics with current technology.
  • No Additional Interface is required.
  • The ProBar Station Controller connects directly to the existing dispensing hardware.
  • Dispensing hardware can easily be upgraded at a later date.
  • Full upgrade can now be accomplished in steps.
  • We RECYCLE old systems as much as possible.
  • Less items are sent to landfill when dispensing parts can be reused.
  • BE KIND to our planet.
Installed by ABC in 1979 - Updated to ProBar Touch Screen in July 2008 - (Indian Lanes, Wyandotte, Michigan) ABC 59” Module Dispensing Station