ProBar Systems Liquor Dispensing Station

The ProBar Liquor Dispensing Station can be set up as a Stand Alone control system utilizing it’s own POS functions.


The ProBar Liquor Dispensing Station can be set up as part of any POS Network for remote ordering. (It will pour only drinks ordered by the POS system.)

  • FULL CONTROL as the system dispenses, portions and prices liquor, soft drinks, juices and house wines.
  • FAST It pours a Highball (Rum (1oz) & Cola (3oz)) in 1.8 seconds.
  • Pour a single ingredient drink or a complex cocktail by recipe in the same 2 seconds.
  • AUTOMATIC pricing of draft beer when poured from the draft taps.
  • Bar Tabs and management accounts are easily setup in advance or on the fly.
  • UNLIMITED cocktail selection.
  • ‘Build a drink’ function builds and properly prices thousands of custom recipe variations, including proper upcharges for premium liquors and juices.
  • DURABLE polished stainless steel components look great and have been in continuous use since 1975.
  • The Pour Tower platform adjusts to fit various bar thickness.
  • The platform comes with a matching stainless drip tray and a drain hose.
  • Kitchen printer available for food ordering